Monday, 2 September 2013

Almost time...

Bak to school time that is.... Woohoo!!! As much as I love my children I also love the peace and quiet of when they are at school and I only need to worry about myself for those few hours! I can't wait :)

Now I know I've been absent again for a while but I have been scrapping as well as other things, I just can't show you those as they are top secret!!!! If I show you I'd have to kill you kind of pages :), nah actually they are just layouts that I'm teaching at the next crop so I don't want to ruin the surprise for any of my lovely ladies that might drop by here now and then.

However I'm here today to show you one that I have just finished.

I loved this video that I followed. The lady spoke clearly and explained what she was doing, I was able to follow along. As she did it, pausing when I needed to. I love YouTube it's so good for free. Tutorials and full of inspiration, as is Pinterest!!!!

Link me up to any cool finds won't you????? Xxxxxx

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