Saturday, 5 October 2013

feels like a sunday

Good morning!

I feel a little under the weather today, still have no voice and i have a high temperature so im not going far today. This gives me a good opportunity to chill out whilst doing a bit of scrapping, dont you agree???
so heres the first page i managed at about 8am this morning, it shows Mike in a towel wrap lol, he once asked me how i did it, so i showed him, on his own head and when opportunity knocks you take it right?? so i grabbed my phone and snapped a pic of him :)
the page is all about weird and wonderful pictures of my kids as they grow up, must say more the boys at this particular moment in time, and how anything goes when it comes to scrapping!!!

I used a pinterest page as inspiration see here
I just had to include the little aeroplane even tho its a bit random for my subject but i fell in love with it.
The next page was just a catch up pocket page for my project life. 
this selection of photos was taken over my birthday week, the second week in august.... so im about 6 or 7 weeks behind, but hopefully ill be able to catch up during the month of LOAD :)

I think its time for a lunch break now and possibly a ittle lie down, but i hope to be back later with some more pages for you to critic :)
see you soon xxxxxx

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