Tuesday, 8 October 2013

beware, its a BIG one!!!

Good afternoon everyone, hope you are having a lovely tuesday!
I have, despite a poorly tummy and an on and off voice I've had a lovely crafty tuesday with my lovely friend Carole. 

firstly tho I need to show you my LOAD pages from yesterday as I didn't have time to blog last night, wanna see???

So this is the first one, the prompt for yesterday was stitching, the idea being that we did a page about sewing or actually to sew on a page. I however did neither, in fact I was drawn to this particular picture because of the stitching on the bottom of the leggings in the photo and that was my jumping off point. 
the actual page itself talks about how we went away for our first anniversary and actually got to put our feet up for 5 minutes without any children coming in and interrupting the silence :)

This second page was a project life catch up, another pocket page to document our week 34 from this year. I used my new becky Higgins project life cards to slide straight into the pockets and just added photos and journalling on top to make this a quicker and less thoughtful entry. 

This is the next project life page the I also completed yesterday... and came around because I found a video on the two peas in a bucket website that I fell in love with. as it happens it doesn't look much like theirs did but I still like it.
give it a watch if you're interested:

Now on to todays selection of loveliness..... this was the first page that Carole and I worked on at the same time this morning. and it comes from this original post over at pinterest.
This is one of my favourite photos EVER... not only do I love black and white photographs but I love how the girls have naturally got themselves into this stunning pose.... so beautiful.
so it needed a stunning but clean page to make it shine at its best. hopefully this minimal design does just that, showing that its not always about quantity but quality xxx

This lemur page was another from our pinterest stash!!!
it came from this original post: here
and actully for once it looks pretty identical!!! unheard of for me but with a huge amount of hearts across the page theres not an awful lot of room for change, its not a page that i would have naturally done on my own but sometimes thats a good thing, i like it about you???

and onto my last for today for now..... featuring my hubby Paul and my nephew baby Carter.... and yes I probably will call him baby Carter until he's 16 :)
this is yet another pinterest find and the original is here
again another one of my favourite pictures as it shows the love and happiness in both of their faces. its such a simple design but speaks volumes.

id love to hear your feedback on any or all o these pages... let me know what you think xxxxx

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