Thursday, 3 October 2013

2 and 3....

Good evening!!!
Ill be quick tonight as theres a lot of pages to cover and i really should be in the shower getting ready for fat club!!!1
so this first page was actually from day 1and shows my boys when they were a lot younger. i love how the photo captures there closeness that is always there.
the layout was lifted from a pinterest pin, i just gave it an Emma spin :)

so onto day 2.....
this page is about elsie and how crafting runs on our family. in this picture she is sat at the table deco-patching a giraffe at the age of 2!!!
Todays prompt was to use a simple design with clean lines, i think I accomplished that with this straightforward horizontal page :)

another for day 2: this time Carole moaned at me so much to start catching up with my project life that I thought I'd better. so heres week 32 from way back in August!!!! eeeeeekkkk

Finally todays page,..... its been manic today with no real time for scrapping so I chose to get up early to make a start. I finished this after the school run whilst the kids were otherwise occupied :)
It is based on Shimelle Laines new glitter girl video about clusters.... I still struggle with these but I did a couple of layers but in my own way. 
 the photo is of me on my wedding day checking myself one last time in the mirror before showtime!!!

please let me know what you think, id love to know if anyone is also playing along or am i on this crazy train alone?!?!?!? :)

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  1. I love that my "reminder" that you are behind with your Project Life prompted you to actually get your finger out and start to catch up a little - you WILL thank me in the end when you've got a beautiful completed 2013 album for your family <3

    Talking of which, don't you have some more pages to do?!?!?!?!

    Love all of these and loved our complete Tuesday this week! xxx