Tuesday, 24 July 2012

playing catch up......again!

a long one but hopefully  quick one!....I shall at least try :)

since coming back from holidays I'd not really gotten my head back into scrapping mode, I was tired and just not in the mood to tell the stories, even tho I have tonnes of photos that are in need of it!
I spent my usual Wednesday with Carole via Skype, and we did some crafting, Carole made 8 6x6 pages and I didn't even manage to finish one 12x12. I was deflated to say the least. 
I mentioned to Carole that day that I needed a class to kickstart me back into it again and that I was going to look on the net for something that evening, you all know howI love a challenge :)
HOWEVER.... I was hanging (means tired in good ole Bristol, not hungover as it means in Dorset!) 
so I didn't get around to looking, instead I fell asleep on the sofa and that was that.

To my surprise and delight, Thursday morning brought with it an email from big picture classes, telling me to check out the first sketch in the new class!
See how easily I forget things.... I'm terribly useless when it comes to remembering anything but this time what a nice surprise it was to have this turn up just when I needed it. 

As you can imagine I got to work right away and  have been making pages (happily) ever since.
Today is day 6 and I must admit to playing catch up today. Its been amazing hot weather here since the weekend, so when we don't get to see the sun very often, it has to be made the most of. so today I found myself completing 3 layouts that I hadn't got around to doing before. 

I will start at the beginning:

Day 1 - Tu tu-tastic

pics of Lola doing her ballet classes on holiday. I would never have thought of cutting some of the photos down in size, its something that seems to be happening a lot in these sketches so maybe it will stay with me once the class is over?
I kept to the sketch pretty much, only adding in some butterflies and extra journalling spots. 

Day 2 - Aim

Pics of Paul, the boys and I at our archery class that we took whilst away.
Again trimmed down to only see the essentials.
the original sketch was pretty straight and didn't really connect for me, in the way that I scrap so I changed it a tad to suit my style better.
I added large torn papers top and bottom and added wash tape to link it together, the arrows finished it off for me keeping your eye focused on the photographs and tying into the archery theme. 

Day 3 - bunches of bunches

A few pics NOT from holiday :)
taken of the girls when they both wore bunches in their hair, if only for half an hour!
Elsie left her own alone but loved poking at Lola's with her little arm. 
Im biased but think they both look super cute with their hair like this, and every other time lol
I mainly stuck to the sketch here, adding in the butterflies and the hidden journalling which should have been journal strips down the side. I love the tutu trim making the BLUE page a lot more feminine. its not often I use blue for my girls

Day 4 - THE hair braid

I stuck mainly to the sketch, I may have twisted it a little to make the photos on an angle but the majority is the same. I used wash tape to make a frame for the photos and to also hold the journalling block, to which i added the clear (smashing) bag. this one sat on my desk for 2 days so its not great, i kept looking and looking and wondering how to finish it so in order to move on to the next I just stuck bits on and moved on. sometimes it has to be done!

Day 5 - shop till you drop

Im not so sure on this one either, but thought you might think I was not doing my challenge if I didn't post it.
I completely changed this sketch, twisting it on its head to put the photos along the top, there was only supped to be 1 photo on here, and 2 journalling spaces so I changed those to accommodate more pics. 
I added in an extra embellishment area and my 'shopping list' journalling instead of journalling strips which were meant to go sideways on here. 
Im not sure the stark whiteness of the journalling block works with the rest of the page but I'm happy that it follows along the shopping theme. 

Day 6 - Water baby

Probably my favourite of the 3 i've done today. using pics of Elsie in the baby pool. Whenever we tell her to smile for photos she winks! its hilarious so there are quite a few photos from hold with her winking , this is the first lol. I pretty much followed the sketch directly, adding in only a few extra tiny bits as embellishment. 

My personal fave of these is the first one, perhaps as I was excited to be scrapping again? or maybe I love those pics the best?!?!?! who knows...looking forward to seeing what on the menu for tomorrow, and will try to keep this up to date more often xxxx

If you have come via BPC please say hi, I would love to visit your blogs to compare layouts, i love how different they can look!

bye for now xxxxxx


  1. I like that last one the best too! You've been very busy!

  2. I love them ALL Mrs C :) But have to agree, maybe the ballet one just a little bit more! Glad you are scrapping again, and more importantly, enjoying it! I LOVE our Wednesdays :)

    Big hugs xxx