Wednesday, 25 July 2012

keeping up :)


Its still pretty hot here in Bristol, we've been out food shopping this morning but its far too hot and sunny for the girls to play outside so we've been in attempting to keep cool. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining about he weather, summer is mty favourite time of year, but when you have young ones there isn't too much you can do in it when its so hot.

So whilst elsie slept and Lola played schools, i got to scrap. page number 7 from sketch number 7 :)
I really liked doing this one, I knew i wanted to do pictures of Daniel as I don't usually have many, he's a boy and at 11 isn't keen on me taking his pic, plus all he usually does is play computers!! So when I got his camp photos and his leavers assembly pics, they just had to jump straight to the top of my pile.

Day 7 - Leaving Blaise

Blaise is the name of his primary school, and this pic shows Dan (in the middle) with his friends Oscar and Nathan, posing for pics after their leavers performance. 
The only bit of the sketch i changed was replacing the circles that were originally there with stars, I moved the title up a bit as it was too lost on the red patterns and I added in an extra layer of red pp... I am currently trying to use as much as I can from my scrap bags, I have a tonne of paper that isn't 12x12 size and these live in my scrap bags, so for now I'm only allowing myself 1 full sheet of 12x12 and the rest is coming out of my scraps, its gotta be used sometime else it will grow and grow. 

thanks for popping over to look today, I will definitely be back tomorrow as its Thursday and both of my girls, at the moment, will be at the childminder on a Thursday, giving me a few hours to be me, instead of full time mum. 
I love ti and look forward to my break every week, its so nice to know that they are safe and having fun at the same time as I can chill out and do me things!
Anyways tata for now xxxxxx

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