Monday, 8 July 2013

Melting Monday

Loving the sunshine but wow it's sooooooooo HOT!
As I spent all weekend out in it I thought today was a good day to enjoy the weather from indoors, with a fan!
I also sneaked in a bit of scrapping, which with this glorious weather we've had lately, has taken a bit of a back seat.
I managed to finish a page that I started with Carole last Tuesday!!! Can you believe it, almost a week without scrapping??? Crazy, but here it is :

Picture is of Lola and Elsie last July in their push car. I love thee expressions and how determined Elsie was to squeeze herself in next to Lola. I also LOVE the new pier papers by mme. So yummy!

I also did this one:

Looking at it here now, it can probably do with a bit of splashing so I might try that in a mo.
Obviously this is baby carter in his little dude onesie looking as cute as ever! Gosh I love that little man

And news of the day..... I won a competition!!!!!
You remember last week I entered a mood board competition at jot magazine? Well I won! It's a complete shock to me but a nice one. I enter these things for something to motivate me, I never expect to win so I never check up, I only know because the lady who runs it added me and messaged me on fb to tell me so :)
Maybe it's my lucky week????

Ok so tomorrow is Tuesday and we all know what that means.... Craft Carole here I come! Cxxxxxx

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