Thursday, 18 July 2013

Better late than never!

Crafty Tuesday as always came with a few hiccups but desire that I managed 3 pages! Wanna see?

I love this first one Carole and I did from a Pinterest page. Mine is almost identical for a change in products, design an colour! The original can be found in the studio calico gallery. The only thing I would probably change looking at it now would be the splatters, as I wasn't in the mood to splat I stamped the splats but it looks too fake. Never mind tho !

This second page was based on another Pinterest page an I also like this one. It features Lola after having her ears pierced. The journaling explains how she was very brave but I was not!

Last but not least:

Who doesn't love a baby girl with pants on her head???? This was a sketch from Pinterest that I played about with to make my own. I do wish that I wasn't so defiant of the rules sometimes tho as Carole's looked amazing, perfect in fact and mine is not so good, this is my least favourite and I even considered taking it apart but was convinced to leave it be :( I'm not gonna let it hold me back tho, onwards and upwards as they say :) xxxxx


  1. I am sorry that I messed up our Tuesday this week but we did still get three layouts done, which is as good as any uninterupted week :) I'm already mourning the loss of our Crafty Tuesdays over the summer holidays :(

    Loving all three of these layouts (we made good choices this week!) but you are way too hard on yourself. I love how you make the layouts your own and don't follow too closely the sketch or scraplift we have chosen to base our pages on. Damn splats!!! I struggle big time with splats so I'm feeling your pain!

    Thank you for such kind words about my layout - you are making me blush! Don't think anyone has ever described one of my pages as perfect (even me!!!)

    C xxx