Sunday, 8 May 2011

Shimelle challenge 2!!!!

The triangle theory!!! 
where three embellishments are used as points around the photograph to make the eye travel around the page freely. 
I have heard of this before and used it a few times but its not a rule that I follow consciously or for every page that I make. maybe I should?!?!?!

the page is titled... garden girl and pic is of Lola in my grandads garden making a cheeky face next to the tulips that she grew :)

my triangle points are my title..... big and bold and by Sassafrass!! love them lots x
the flower, with the slightly off centre brad :) done on purpose obviously....
and the hidden journalling tag.... I was going to write straight onto the page but it would have made more of a block down one side rather than form a triangle. 

the journalling reads:

the scoop.....
you were given free bulbs from Cadbury. we did not know what they were but you wanted to plant them with Grandad anyway.
a few months later these beautiful big tulips appeared!

thanks for looking... hopefully be back with more later xxx

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