Friday, 6 May 2011

Live from my ipad2!!!!!

So I decided not to listen to the hubby sand to trust my instincts and my friends instead, and went an hunted down an ipad2. It's taken me a week to track one down and get it but I am very happy that I did. Love it a lot, can access all my things where ever I fancy and by linking it up to the net via my phone is even cheaper :)

Just thought I'd try a post out to see how I got on. Been taking a couple of pics with it today and playing with some photo editing apps so will upload those now.

Hope you've all had a good day and don't forget to scrap a little tomorrow as it's national scrapbooking day!!! Have fun xxx

Ok so I can't figure out how to upload those..... Will work it out and get back to you xxx

1 comment:

  1. I debated getting an ipad! I havent yet! I love my iphone tho and have loads of scrappy/photo apps! C u in Kirstys classs! Michelle