Monday, 23 April 2012

new class


Oooooh.... its a new layout for blogging! bit weird but hopefully it will turn out just the same?!?!?
today I'm feeling a bit under the weather and a bit stressed out so I'm gonna take it easy and catch up on a couple of little things that i have to do.
one of those is blogging to you guys. 

I need to tell you about a weekend class online that I just took, its called True scrap and it is mainly taken by Americans as thats where it is based but anyone can take part. it does cost but you might think that its worth it.

every hour over the weekend there is a class or a make and take and they are all on a live feed via the internet. alongside this you receive the video links to watch back whenever you like, a pdf to print out if you need it and a forum to chat and ask questions.

because of the time difference and other commitments i only made one of the live classes but I have them all on links to watch over and over again. the class I watched live was by Shimelle and she went through how to use a whole pack, yes Carole every single sheet, of an 18 page pack of papers. and actually Carole I think it would scare you but I also think once you got over that you will love it!
firstly she tells you what sizes to cut them all up into, then she shows you a whole album that she has made up from every bit of those papers. 
I did not cut up a load of papers but I did use her layouts as inspiration for a page for a class that I have to teach to the rangers in a few weeks. 

here it is:

the brief ro the class was as follows.
It needs to cost under £5 per page. this includes all papers and alphabets so that they don't have to share. 
it needed to have colours from the badge that they have been working on, which includes pink, green, brown and blue.
I also said i would add a mini book incase they have lots they want to say or more pictures that they want to add. 
and it has to have tulips on it..... i have cut them out for the rangers to use and i have a few places in mind that they could put them but as my page doesn't really relate to tulips i won't add them to mine and once the girls have don their class in a couple of weeks i will finish my page off with extra bits. 

would love to know your thoughts, bearing in mind these girls are around 14, do you think this is ok??? too simple??? too hard????

oooh and one more piece of good news before I leave..... Elsie moo is finally walking!!!! yay!!!!!!

see you all soon xxxxxx

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  1. Sounds horrific!!!!!!!!! Why would you want to cut up each and every piece of paper in a lovely brand new pack?!?!? Makes no sense! I might even have had a little funny turn if I had seen this video, and then turned it off :) Utter madness ...

    However, now I have taken a few deep breaths, I'm loving this new layout, but it does need some major Emma Faffing ...

    Carole xxx