Sunday, 15 April 2012


Good morning. 

So yesterday was a good day and a bad day!
A great day because crop went really well, everyone was happy, 6 people took my class at crop and I've had orders for 6 more kits with instructions so people who weren't there don't miss out. 
everyone that did it seemed to enjoy themselves and Kerri loved the idea so much that she took the idea and changed it up to make a very large birthday card... It makes me feel good that I can pass on techniques to people that they can interpret and use again as they want to. its why I do it. 

we also had another new lady join us yesterday, her name is Jill and she was very very lovely. 
she is our first ever lady in a wheelchair so we were a little worried about how she would get around, but we were happily surprised that how we chose to set up for her was perfect and she could get to everywhere that everyone else could, I hope this made her feel very welcome as it would be great to see her again. 

the down side to yesterday is that elsie moo was sick A LOT!
I got a call from Paul to rush home as he couldn't do a thing with her, luckily it only takes me 2 minutes from the hall to my house so we were back in no time to find a kitchen flooded with yuck and paul drenched in it too!
I stripped elsie and she fell straight asleep on my shoulder, I managed to wrap her up warm and put her to bed without too much trouble. then left Paul to tidy the mess and himself up :)
This happened again during the day but I think it was down to her teeth as she had an appetite when i got home. 
however I was supposed to be out with the girls last night for Lucy's birthday but had to cancel incase we had another sick incident, as I don't drive and we were going quite a way away from home, I'd never had made it home if needed and I would have dragged someone else away with me so I decided to let them get on with their evening and i stayed and looked after my baby. 

I didn't get to do much at crop yesterday, what with teaching class, feeling poorly and having a sick child, so this morning as I was awake early I got up and had some quiet time at my craft table. 
I made this:

I have called my blog title 'finally' as this photo, or group of photos has taken me forever to scrap, I could never find the right paper, or sketch and it never worked out, but this time i love it. 

I used more inspiration from shimelle Laines online crop, challenge 6.

it was to take a scrap lift and change something dramatic.
I got my inspiration from a few pages, which started with a sketch that I found on 52 sketches blog.
see the original post here

the dramatic changes that i made from the originals are that I used a karge lane shape rather than a circle, my strip runs under the photo not on top of it and I switched the journalling for a large title and added a sub title along the top of the photo. i also added some faff to it, which is unusual for me :)

thanks for looking, I'm off to start my next page before elsie wakes up.

see you soon xxxxx


  1. That's a lovely page (I love the pictures too!)and the artisan shape frames the picture really well. I like all the 'faff' too ;-)

  2. First of all, I too love this page, but ... what faff?!?!?! Excuse me, but three little brads do not add up to faff!!! You are going to have to try a lot harder with the faffing - I might be able to help you with that :)

    Sorry to hear that Elsie has been poorly, hope that she is on the mend now.

    Carole xxx

  3. Love the layout. The photo is so awesome! ;-)