Saturday, 25 June 2011

Busy busy busy.....

Ok so it's been a while....

The 12 hour crop came and went with amazing success, the ladies were perfect as always... And sue came a very long way to visit us and play along too, was great fun. The class went really well and sold out, I even had to make up separate kits... So that one won't even make it to the class page I'm afraid as I have no stock of it left!

Ange won the challenge prize (again) well done babe.... And Sarah d came in close second, I hope they enjoyed their prizes of money to spend in the shop lol

Thanks as always to Ali and my mum for all their help and support over the run up to 12 hour. With the stuff that was going on I thought I'd have to cancel but we all pushed through the pain and carried it off as we always do. The food went down really well and we even managed to plan the menu for novembers 12 hour lol.... Something to look forward to!

Since then I've introduced a few new people to the craft which we all love... I hope they adore it as much as i do... That means more people to bore with it lol

Crop for July is already almost fully booked, 22 spaces have gone so far.... If you are coming and haven't let me know please do so xxxxx

So some more exciting news.... I have joined a few classes lately and they are all starting very soon... Firstly Kirsty Wisemans moleskin class... It's an art journal all about me, something else intersting for you all lol... She released the sneak peeks last night and it looks amazing, I can't wait to firstly get all my goodies through the post to drool over and secondly until Wednesday for the class to go live!

Then on Friday the other class that I have signed up for begins... This is the mother load over on big picture classes... It involves 2 months of training , I believe doing a layout a week.... Learning all about ourselves as scrappers, our personal style, our loves and hates... Leading up to a mammoth layout a day for the month of september! It's gonna be an exciting few months.

I have also signed up for kirstys next class which starts in July and for her real live class at paper arts in September... I'm such a lucky girl To have all these things planned.

On top of that it's holiday in a few weeks!!! Cannot wait and the kids are excited too...

Lots of things to look forward to, all contributing to keeping me a happy bunny.... Sometimes we need things to keep us going right? Maybe I've treated myself a bit too much but hey ho, I haven't in a long time.

I'm on my iPad at the mo and haven't worked out how to post pics from it yet so when I get n the pc i will update with some photos.

See you soon xxxxxxx


  1. Glad you had a great 12hr crop, sounds like you had a fab time. I'm so excited about kirsty's course too and her September Event.

  2. Hi Emma,

    hope you are enjoying the MIMM journey, it's fun being on it with you and all the girls.