Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Week 17

So just a quicky as I think about what to have for lunch!
Today is Tuesday and in my book that means CRAFT day! So this morning Carole found me a lovely pin on Pinterest, I will add a link soon and I did my usual trick of being inspired by, but not at all making it look like it should, as all of my scrap lifts do!

So this uses all of my photos from week 17/52.
It shows my new tattoo that I got done on Tuesday, Lola at the doctors on Wednesday, Elsie at playgroup on Thursday, my big night in collection pot for Friday. Also Elsie's black eye which came about from playing on the slide / slider (depending on where you're from ) a family lunch shot for Sunday and my Nandos lunch yesterday. It's been a busy week with family visits and party planning and a few extra hiccups on the way so this planned but not very well planned page works perfectly for this mix of pics. Hope to be back later with another layout for you and if not come back tomorrow as its the 1st May and LOAD starts again!
See you soon xxxx

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  1. Love this one too (despite the orange!) even though it looks completely NOTHING like the lovely layout I sent you ;)

    Carole xxx