Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Class in progress!

Hey hey! Am I one happy bunny today:)

Last night I taught my very first class outside of crop..... I was invited by Sara, the rangers leader, To go to their ranger session and teach the girls aged between 14 and 16, a bit of scrapbooking. Must admit i was extremely nervous before i went, and felt very queasy as I walked towards the church hall, but a promise is a promise and how could i let them down at the last minute.

I was very pleased to see saras smiley face as I approached the doors, she welcomed me in and immediately I relaxed. And then when I met the girls I chilled even more.

They were very easy going, nice, chatty lovely young ladies. I really enjoyed teaching them and listening to their very funny conversations. It took me back to the good old days lol.

They were all really good at listening and following the instructions and produced some fabulous pages. I didn't take individual pics but here is a group shot of them all hard at work.

The ranger girls

And here is the page I taught them.... Only theirs was titled 'this is me' with a black and White photo of themselves.

You're the reason

I just had the most amazing night, I got over some of my teaching fears, had a laugh and got some young girls interested in documenting their lives, can't think of anything better

Thanks girls xxxx

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